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Division Committees

Status of Women in the Physical Sciences Task Force

(April 2017 – June 2018)

The charge of this committee reflects that of the UC San Diego campus-wide Committee on the Status of Women (CSW), but with specific focus on the Division of Physical Sciences:

  • To identify and analyze issues relating to the status of women in the division, including faculty and graduate students;
  • To inform and educate our community on issues affecting the status of women within the Division, working with university communications as needed;
  • To advise and make recommendations to the Dean and Chairs regarding policies and procedures aimed at improving conditions for women.

View the task force’s final presentation and divisional recommendations



Vicki Grassian
Alison Coil

Task Force Members

Richard Averitt
Ioan Bejenaru
Jelena Bradic
Stacey Brydges
J. Andrew McCammon
Susan Taylor
Ruth Williams
Shelley Wright
Avi Yagil

Ex-Officio Members

Sylvia de la Sancha
Cynthia Dillon

Development and Initiatives Committee

This committee works to identify priorities and set goals for development based on current research, educational activities and educational initiatives within the division:

  • Reviews seed funding requests for new research/educational initiatives and for matching fund requests (above $50k), and makes recommendations to the Dean, accordingly;
  • Liaises with external advisors and alumni on industry partnerships that support research/educational initiatives;
  • Works with the Division’s communications director to highlight research achievements and initiatives, as well as educational programs and initiatives;
  • Facilitates departmental and faculty participation in development, alumni relations and industry partnerships.



Vicki Grassian
Peter Ebenfelt

Committee Members

Richard Averitt
Neal Devaraj
Massimiliano Di Ventra
Benedict Gross
Todd Kemp
Andrew Kummel
Kimberly Prather
Ruth Williams
Shelley Wright

Ex-Officio Members

Edward A. Dennis
Benjamin Grinstein
Lei Ni
Rob Rome

Divisional Excellence Committee

(Academic Year 2017 – 2018)

The charge of this committee is to review and rate the Contributions to Diversity statements for Excellence faculty positions, in consultation with the Dean’s Office.



Alison Coil

Committee Members

Richard Averitt
Alina Bucur
Li-Tien Cheng
Ken Intriligator
Patricia Jennings
Elizabeth Komives
Daniel Rogalski
Karin Sandstrom
Jerry Yang