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Chemists create modular system for placing proteins on membranes

Astronomers extend search for extraterrestrials to new realms

Data structures influence speed of quantum search in unexpected ways

Computational strategy helps to map human epigenome

Prize for proposal to test fundamental physics

What causes cells to divide

Martian meteorite reveals past climate

Cells can use dynamic patterns to pluck signals from noise

Physicists explain puzzling particle decays

Marvin Goldberger, physicist and former dean of natural sciences, dies at 92

Galactic blowout: Stellar winds expel fuel for future stars

Cancer training program has supported 300 trainees in 30 years

Real-time readout of neurochemical activity

Viral switches share a shape

Cell membranes self-assemble

Physicists solve longsanding puzzle of how moths find distant mates

Cosmologists make the most sensitive and precise measurements yet of the polarization of the cosmic microwave background.

Data-sharing deal struck with drug companies

Nitrogen fingerprint in biomolecules could be from the early sun

Program predicts placement of chemical tags that control gene activity

$9M for biomedical computation

Chemist helps to develop new microscope for detailed look inside cells

Quantitative Biology approach reveals the importance of physical constraints on critical DNA interaction

Sulfur signals in Antarctic snow reveal clues to climate, past and future

Vanishing viscosity: superfluid gas formed in layers of 2D crystals induces high-temperature superconductivity

Silicon sponge improves lithium-ion battery performance

New analysis eliminates potential speed bump in quantum computing

Relaxation helps pack DNA into a virus

Radiation from early universe found key to answer major questions in physics

Phone calls reveal population patterns that census miss

Unveiling the universe's earliest secrets

Discovery could lead to novel therapies for Fragile X syndrome

Cosmologists report evidence for cosmic inflation

Crystals ripple in response to light

Surface of sea a sink for nitrogen oxides

In memorium: Arthur M. Wolfe 1939-2014

Source of ‘moon curse’ revealed by eclipse

Biosynthesis captured in motion

New perspective on antibiotic resistance from QBio

Chemists solve mystery of odd patterns of oxygen in solar system's earliest rocks

Explanation for star formation based on turbulence

Quark asymmetries hint at new physics

Simple math sheds light on long-studied biological process

Search for a shadow world of physics

New scheme for quantum computing

Physicists plumb vasculature of mammalian brain

Shape-shifting nanoparticles flip from sphere to net in response to tumor signal

Mathematicians analyze social divisions using cell-phone data

Extreme star formation reveals fleeting phase of galactic evolution

Biological activity alters the ability of sea spray to seed clouds

Supercomputer speeds quest for dark matter

Dust in Asia and Africa, Snow in the Sierra Nevada

Clues to climate cycles dug from Antarctic snow pit

Even the smallest possible stroke can damage brain tissue and impair cognitive function

New survey of distant galaxies will trace changes over billions of years

Chemists determine structure of a membrane-embedded signaling protein

Chemists develop reversible method of tagging proteins

Halo of neutrinos alters physics of exploding stars

Intense bursts of star formation drive fierce galactic winds

Color-coded markers may help doctors diagnose neural diseases through the eyes

Researchers reveal behaviors of tiniest water droplets

Sally Ride, first woman in space and former California Space Institute Director dies at 61

Hunt for Higgs reveals new particle

Computing grid built for physics benefits a wide range of science

Electrons ripple across atom-thin layers of carbon

Varying drug levels could speed the emergence of drug-resistant bacteria

Protein plays ancient role in iron metabolism

Exotic particles, trapped and chilled, form giant matter wave

Patterns in a new state of matter 

Blueprint for new drugs for hepatitis C

Envelope for an artificial cell

Obituary: Jim Arnold, founding chair of chemistry

Obituary: Salah Baouendi, mathematics

Protein engines haul cargo through cells

Simple genetic circuit forms stripes

Suspects in the quenching of star formation exonerated

Chemists discover most variable protein in dental plaque bacterium

Measurements of airborne sulfur reveal extent of leakage from damaged nuclear reactor

New X-ray microscope reveals nanoscale details

Swarming nanoparticles communicate to boost drug concentrations near tumors

New material could make gas masks safer

How isotopes hop in hot rocks

Structure formed by strep protein can trigger toxic shock

First high-resolution RNA nano square

Transmissible treatment proposed for HIV could target superspreaders to curb epidemic

Physicists build bigger 'bottles' of antimatter to unlock nature's secrets

Warning lights mark shellfish that aren't safe to eat

Novae pause, flicker and flare as their surface gases explode

One cause of Alzheimer’s Damage and How to Stop It

Ancient Atmospheres

Nonstick coating of protein in semen reduces HIV infection 

Better marker for breast cancer may reduce need for second surgeries 

Harmful protein interferes with trash pickup for cells in Alzheimer’s disease

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