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Oleg Shpyrko

Oleg Shpyrko Wins 2016-17 Distinguished Teaching Award

Oleg Shpyrko, an associate professor of physics, has won the 2016-17 Distinguished Teaching Award for Academic Senate Members.

Guy Bertrand

Guy Bertrand Wins 2017 Luigi Sacconi Medal

Guy Bertrand, a distinguished professor of chemistry and biochemistry at UC San Diego, has won the 2017 Luigi Sacconi Medal from the Italian Chemical Society.

This image shows an E. coli cell contour containing many smaller “unit cells” using bacterial cell images in order to illustrate the principle of the generalized growth law. Image by Donyang Li, UC San Diego

Physicists Discover Fundamental Unit of Cell Size in Bacteria

Biologists have long known that bacteria grow faster and bigger when the quality of nutrients becomes better, a principle in microbial physiology known as the “growth law,” which describes the relationship between the average cell size of bacteria and how fast they grow.

Artist's impression of a progenitor of Milky Way-like galaxies in the early universe with a background quasar shining through a 'super halo' of hydrogen gas surrounding the galaxy.

Astronomers Observe Early Stages of Milky Way-like Galaxies in Distant Universe

For decades, astronomers found distant galaxies by detecting the characteristic way their gas absorbs light from a bright quasar in the background. But efforts to observe the light emitted by these same galaxies have mostly been unsuccessful.

Sarah Price-Keating and Brian Keating

New Sally Ride Fellowship to Support Women in Physics

Professor Brian Keating and wife, Sarah, provide lead gift to launch fellowship

An explorer, scientist and public servant, the late astronaut Sally Ride dedicated her career to the betterment of human kind. At UC San Diego, where Ride served as a professor, a new graduate fellowship established in her name aims to inspire future generations of boundary-breaking physicists who will contribute to the public good.

Adam Burgasser

Adam Burgasser Awarded Fulbright Scholarship

Physics professor Adam Burgasser has been awarded a 2017-2018 Fulbright Scholarship to conduct astrophysical research in the United Kingdom.