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In the following videos, Dennis Meredith, the author of Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work covers tools and techniques for giving effective presentations and how to productively work with the media—and how researchers are now a media outlet.

How to Work With Your Campus Communications Officer, Dennis Meredith, June 23, 2017

Parts 1 to 5 here.

Powerpoint slides from this presentation available here.

How to Explain Your Research to Key Audiences, Dennis Meredith, May 17, 2017

Part 1- Why Explain Your Research and How To Reach Your Audience

Part 2- Who Are Your Audiences?

Part 3- Renounce IMRAD

Part 4- Optimize Your Text

Part 5- Use Visual Vernacular

Part 6- Creating Images Is Not Hard

Part 7- Working With The Media

Powerpoint slides from this presentation available here. 



Leadership Communications with Barbara Sawrey

In this video, Barbara Sawrey discusses how leadership communication fits within the scope of research communication, what are the particularly challenging aspects of leadership communication, and how to prepare for them.



Lessons from Research on Perception for Design of Data Visualizations

In this video, Sherry Seethaler presents research on perception and memory that provides an important foundation for thinking about how to design images and graphics to reach your intended audiences.



Research Communications: Explaining Basic Brain Research with Nick Spitzer

In this video, Nick Spitzer discusses his experience explaining neuroscience research to broad audiences, and provides tips on how to use language and stories to engage people and provide insight into the scientific process.


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