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Current Senior Projects

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Project Title


Site Supervisor

Faculty Mentor

Adams, Charles

Building climate resilience in urban coastal canyon ecosystems

California Sea Grant - Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Theresa Talley

Theresa Talley

Allen, Elizabeth

Education evaluation program with San Diego River Park Foundation

San Diego River Park Foundation

Bob Forthun

Heather Henter

Banach, Catherine

Analysis of fish development along elevation gradients

Division of Biological Sciences - Shurin Lab

Jonathan Shurin

Jonathan Shurin

Barclay, Tanner

Planning and urban development - Climate action planning and implementation

City of Del Mar

Kathleen Garcia

Kathleen Garcia

Brandt, Mackenzie

Analyzing benthic communities, Fish abundance and runoff in The Gulf and Caribbean

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Smith Lab

Abigail Cannon

Jennifer Smith

Chen, Michael

RO/DI Water system evaluation - pH & water conservation

UC San Diego - Environment, Health and Safety  Office

Valerie Fanning

Leslie Lewis

Clark, Shane

Development of Laser CO2 Isotope Analyzer

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Keeling lab

Bill Paplawsky

Ralph Keeling

Fernandez, Camila

City of San Diego Stormwater Monitoring

City of San Diego Storm Water Division

Heather Krish

David Holway

Galaway, Andrew

City of Encinitas Water Quality Monitoring

City of Encinitas

Mayela Manasjan

Heather Henter

Gholami, Pardis

Physiological role of light harvesting complex proteins in pennate diatoms

J. Craig Venter Institute

Niu Du

Andrew Allen

Ihn, Katherine

DNA barcoding protocols for different orders of insects

Division of Biological Sciences - Henter Lab

Heather Henter

Heather Henter

Imam, Temur

Abundance and growth of calcifying organisms in corallimorph removal plots at Palmyra Atoll

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Smith Lab

Clinton Edwards

Jennifer Smith

Jenkins, Kiel

Grow UCSD - Developing a proposal for the UC San Diego Arboretum

UCSD Sustainability Resource Center

Jennifer Bowser

Julie Wartell

Jones, Alton

"Plastic Payout" - Analysis of non-single stream recyclables of research labs

UCSD Sustainability Resource Center

Jennifer Bowser

Eric Allen

Kelkar, Mukta

Effects of mid-frequency active sonar on Blue Whale D-calling

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Sirovic lab

Ana Sirovic

Ana Sirovic

Kelly, Cierra

Effects of ocean acidification on juvenile CA spiny lobster

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Taylor lab

Kaitlyn Lowder

Jennifer Taylor

Koutnik, Yousef

Storm Water Mitigation Project

City of San Diego Transportation & Storm Water

Jamie Kennedy

Leslie Lewis

Landaiche, Sierra

Kasai Consulting EHS Internship

Kasai Consulting

David Burcin

Eric Allen

Law, Ellyn

Cost benefit analysis of disposables and reusables for San Diego County

County of San Diego, Dept. of Public Works - Recycling and Solid Waste Section Planning

Michael Wonsidler

Mark Jacobsen

Lee, Stacey

Community Outreach and Programming Intern

Zero Waste San Diego

Rich Flammer

Eric Allen

Link, Nadia

Environmental Science and Campus Sustainability Correspondent -  UCSD Guardian Newspaper

UCSD Newspaper - The Guardian

Kim McDonald

Eric Allen

Lourens, Kevin

Waste Policy Research Internship

Climate Action Campaign

Carolina Rodriguez-Adjunta

Zoltan Hajnal

Martinez, Jose

Sustainability Certificate for UCSD Students, Discovering Sustainability Award Program

UCSD Sustainability Resource Center

Jennifer Bowser

Leslie Lewis

Nguyen, Diana

Research on potential sources of pollutants to the City of Escondido Storm Drain System

City of Escondido, Utilities Department

Kimberly Silva / Helen Davies

Geoffrey Cook

Pankam, Moon

Computational models of ocean-grabbing in Somali case study

SIO - Complex Systems Lab

Brad Werner

Brad Werner

Poulsen, Cody

Study of atmospheric rivers & adaptation of a video annotation software to help formulate metadata

CASPO - Center for Western Weather Water Extremes

Scott Sellars

Marty Ralph

Ramirez, Ismael

Anaerobic Digestion

Rogers Community Garden

Zack Osborn

Eric Allen

Ranft, Alexandra

Consumer Waste at UC San Diego

UC San Diego - Student Sustainability Collective

Jennifer Bowser

Mark Jacobsen

Stevens, Russell

Mapping customer usage of reclaimed water and finding low water pressure solutions

San Elijo Joint Powers Authority

Paul Kinkel

Kevin Brown

Tran, Meryssa

Characterizing and engineering Chlamydomonar reinhartii ACYL Carrier Protein

UCSD Chemistry and Biochemistry - Burkart Lab

Thomas Bartholow

Michael Burkart

Van, Anna

Tracking compliance under the Endangered Species Act

US Fish and Wildlife Service - Carlsbad Office

David Zoutendyk

Theresa Talley

Wong, Grant

UCSD Burrow Pit Feasibility Study

UCSD Facilities Design and Construction

Ross Kunishige

Keith Pezzoli

Xiong, Wanchen

UC Carbon Neutrality Initiative Student Fellowship

UCSD Sustainability Resource Center

Jennifer Bowser

Jan Kleissl

Xu, Brianna

Storm Water Treatment Evaluation

UC San Diego - Environment, Health and Safety  Office

Kimberly O'Connell

Mirle Rabinowitz Bussell

Yuan, Stella

Defining Flying Squirrel Habitat in the San Bernardino Mountains

US Fish and Wildlife Service - Carlsbad Office

Clark Winchell

Carolyn Kurle

Yun, Jung Hae

Biofuel experiments with different species of algae

Division of Biological Sciences - Shurin Lab

Jonathan Shurin

Jonathan Shurin

Zetterberg, Stephen

Defining Successful Habitat Restoration Influences

HELIX Environmental Planning

Chelita Borbon

Scott Rifkin