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After the March for Science: Explaining Research

How to Explain Your Research to Key Audiences: For Faculty, Postdocs & Grad Students

Wednesday, May 17, 2017, 12-1PM | Natural Sciences Building Auditorium

Dennis Meredith

Dennis Meredith

Publishing a journal article is only the beginning of communicating your research to audiences whom you want to reach. In fact, it’s a misconception that publishing a scientific paper is sufficient even to reach your colleagues in your field. Other key audiences include potential collaborators in other fields, officers in funding agencies and foundations, donors, your institution's leaders, corporate partners, students, legislators, your own family and friends, journalists, and the public.

Unless you actively explain your work and its implications, you may find that others will. And those depictions of your research may well be inaccurate, given the limitations of media coverage and today’s climate of anti-science attitudes and politics.

In his presentation, Dennis Meredith, the author of Explaining Research: How to Reach Key Audiences to Advance Your Work, will cover tools and techniques for giving effective presentations and how to productively work with the media—and how you are now a media outlet. The methods he presents will aid your communications not only to lay-level, but also to professional audiences.

Explaining Research Book Cover

Dennis Meredith's career as a science communicator has included service at some of the country's leading research universities, including MIT, Caltech, Cornell, Duke and the Universities of Rhode Island and Wisconsin. In 2007, he was elected as a AAAS Fellow “for exemplary leadership in university communications, and for important contributions to the theory and practice of research communication.”

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