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Astronomy & Astrophysics

Our researchers excel in observational, experimental and theoretical astrophysics. Our vision is to facilitate exciting growth and strengthens astrophysics research areas, enhances undergraduate and graduate educational programs, and supports activities and initiatives in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Astronomy website

Chemistry & Biochemistry

We are committed to excellence in research, education and service. As part of this mission, the department values and promotes equity, fairness and inclusion of diverse members. It welcomes opportunities to engage a broader audience in the excitement of discovery and to connect more members of the campus and local communities with the chemistry of everyday experiences.

Chemistry website


From algebra and combinatorics to statistics and probability theory, we offer a vast array of research areas and opportunities for collaboration. UC San Diego mathematics helps the world in a variety of ways, from developing algorithms for big data to applying math for easing traffic congestion.

Mathematics website


The foundational science, physics informs us about what is possible and impossible—from the outer reaches of space to the pockets of everyday life. Our department attracts some of the brightest scholars in the world, asks fundamental questions about the universe and develops the methods and tools to answer those questions.

Physics website


Since 1960, UC San Diego has been educating the next generation of leaders and thinkers in science. Our alumni embody the spirit of the school, and they are a key reason why UC San Diego is known for scientific excellence in research, education and discovery. The Triton family includes more than 13,000 physical sciences alumni, all part of the larger UC San Diego Alumni Network. We encourage you to stay connected with us through email, social media and this website. Please let us know what you’re up to—we’d love to reach out and stay in touch!

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