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The Division of Physical Sciences is committed to sharing information about its administration, academics, outreach and research—from people to their changemaking activities—with a full-service news and multimedia team. From writing stories and media training, to coordinating press interviews and posting social media news, we cover the physical sciences around the clock, year-round.

Most recent news

A coronavirus envelope all-atom computer model is being developed by the Amaro Lab of UC San Diego on the NSF-funded Frontera supercomputer of TACC at UT Austin

Coronavirus Massive Simulations Completed on Fronterra Supercomputer

Artistic rendition of a piece of the Mundrabilla meteorite over a protoplanetary nebula

Scientists Observe Superconductivity in Meteorites

UC San Diego Giesel Library

UC San Diego Physical Sciences Graduate Programs Rank among the Best

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Featured Videos and Audio

This animation illustrates the earliest epoch of our universe, just after the Big Bang, when the first elements of hydrogen, helium and lithium were created in the still hot cosmos.

The Earliest Epoch of our Universe

Nicholas Galitzki narrates this time-lapse video of the reassembly of the Simons Observatory Small Aperture Satellite-1.

Reassembly of the Simons Observatory Small Aperture Satellite-1

Margaret Burbidge

Margaret Burbidge 100th Birthday, A UC San Diego Science Legacy