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Physical Sciences Giving

Support Innovation and Discovery

Since UC San Diego’s founding, the Division of Physical Sciences has played a vital role in driving the innovation and discovery that has led the university to become one of the top research institutions in the world.

With your philanthropic support of the Division of Physical Sciences we can continue to build a diverse pipeline of student and faculty talent ready to blaze new trails to advance scientific understanding for global good.

Support for our students and faculty underpins our ability to achieve research excellence and educational innovation. Explore our giving priorities below and make a gift today.

Support the Memory of Legendary Professor Sheldon Schultz

Sheldon SchultzIn 1960, Sheldon “Shelly” Schultz joined UC San Diego as one of the founding members of the physics department, and remained a faculty member until 2016. Apart from being a brilliant and accomplished scientist, Professor Schultz was a favorite professor for many students. His passion, energy, and playfulness made an impact that stretched far beyond the classroom.

The Research Support Fund associated with the Professor Sheldon Schultz Chancellor's Endowed Faculty Fellowship in Physics will provide support for the research, scholarly activities, teaching and discretionary needs, as well as salary support, of distinguished junior faculty members in UC San Diego’s Department of Physics within the School of Physical Sciences.



Giving Priorities

Student Support and Success

The division is proud to announce the opening of the Student Success Center – committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming learning community and engaging students in the process of developing lifelong career management skills. And, with your support of scholarships and fellowships, we can attract and retain top students and improve student outcomes through immersive learning experiences, mentorships and conferences.

Give to The Student Success Center

Give to Undergraduate Summer Research

Give to Physical Sciences Graduate Fellowships

Give to the Physical Sciences Excellence Fund

Enriching our Campus Community

Since 1958, chemistry & biochemistry, mathematics and physics have formed the academic triad comprising the Division of Physical Sciences. A leader in research and teaching excellence on campus, the division combines distinction with dedication to inspire educational innovation and encourage diverse perspectives. Working to expand the frontiers of scientific discovery and address the world’s complex challenges, our chemists, mathematicians and physicists share a deep passion for understanding and improving the world, while mentoring the next generation of scientific leaders.

Give to the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Give to the Department of Mathematics

Give to the Department of Physics

Sparking Research and Innovation

Your philanthropy helps enhance boundary-breaking research as we drive foundational knowledge about the environment; leverage data to predict human behavior and natural systems; explore the engines of life in the fields of biology and medicine; seek solutions for energy generation and storage; explore the origins of the cosmos; and more.

Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment (CAICE)

Chemistry Climate Research

Biophysics Research Fund


Giving Contacts

Claudia L. Ehrlich, MBA, CAP®
Senior Director of Development
(858) 534-1171


Kimberly Peters
Associate Director of Development
(858) 246-5014

Can’t find the area that you would like to support? Visit our Giving Website, or contact us to learn about additional giving opportunities.