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Physical Sciences Dean Announces Undergraduate Student Awards

12072020-undergrad.jpgDean Steven Boggs is pictured (far right, first row) with the 2018 Dean's Undergraduate Award for Excellence winners. Photo by Michelle Fredricks, UC San Diego Physical Sciences

December 10, 2020 | By Cynthia Dillon

The Dean of the Division of Physical Sciences Steven Boggs has announced the recipients of the 2020-2021 UC San Diego Physical Sciences Dean’s Undergraduate Award for Excellence. The award considers the division’s origins—with the late Harold Urey and a group of colleagues who strove to create a university that would stress the boundaries of chemistry, mathematics, and physics—recognizing excellence in academics and fundamental research. Today, with nearly 4,000 undergraduate majors enrolled in the Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Mathematics, and Physics, these students are the current awardees recognized for their academic excellence:

Chemistry and Biochemistry Mathematics Physics
Alberto Castanedo Ricardo Arruda Peter Carlip
Andres De la Rosa Samuel Babichenko Keyu Chen
Calvin Huang Yiwei Cao Julian Beas-Gonzalez
Tommy Le Brian Chao Connor Vancil
Alina Luk Amanda Huynh Zexi Yu
Jori Mills Michael Jaber Zhehao Zhang
Anthony Rodriguez Liu Jiazheng Yuan Zhu
Sarah Schwab Keller Jordan
Kunyang Sun Tomoki Oda
Vanessa Tian Yixuan Peng
Nga (Swan) Van Yueyan Tang
Amalia Villagran-suarez Yining Wang
Thurman Ye
Jiyue Zeng
Kaiqi Zhang


In addition to the recognition of this honor, each student is eligible to receive a monetary award given by division alumni, parents and friends who strongly support scholarly endeavors.

Students Sarah Schwab and Keller Jordan, as well as physics student Aashay Arora, also earned the Silagi Award. This award honors seniors with extraordinary distinction in academic achievement and research accomplishment who are committed to the pursuit of research at a postgraduate level in physical and biological sciences.