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For more information about planning your schedule or petitioning to have minor courses count toward your major, please contact your student affairs office (see below).  For questions about field experiences or credential programs, please contact Education Studies.  If you have questions about the content of courses in the minors, feel free to contact the instructor of the appropriate course.


1128 Pacific Hall
(858) 534-0557

Chemistry and Biochemistry

4010 York Hall
(858) 534-0220

Earth Sciences

Joshua Reeves
368 Galbraith Hall
(858) 534-8157

Education Studies

307 Pepper Canyon Hall
9500 Gilman Drive, Dept. 0070
La Jolla, CA 92093-0070
(858) 534-8834


See department list


7409 Applied Physics and Mathematics Building
(858) 534-3590


2551 Mayer Hall Addition
(858) 534-1745