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About Cal Teach

California is facing a critical shortfall of secondary science and mathematics teachers. California Teach helps address this need.  The courses in the Cal Teach Minor in Mathematics Education and Minor in Science Education and the hands-on experiences you will gain in local schools will provide you with important preparation to become an intern teacher if you enroll in a credential program after you complete your bachelor’s degree.

Learn how instruction can be tailored for diverse learners and to promote a deep understanding of the subject matter, rather than giving students a cookie-cutter approach to solving problems that they apply without truly understanding why it works.  We hope these courses will challenge you to think about your own learning from a fresh perspective.  Sign up for one of the minors. Check out the Resources for information about the many forms of financial support available.  Future community college transfers are welcome; learn more.

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Explore your options and gain skills

Cal Teach is designed with flexibility in mind.  If you know you want to teach, Cal Teach allows you to get a jumpstart toward the credential.  If you are still exploring your options, the courses (except for the senior field placement courses, which are intended for those planning to go into teaching) are a great way to explore teaching and to gain skills valuable for a variety of careers in science education and communication

Ignite a passion for science and math

Since its launch in 2005, Cal Teach has been providing coursework and field experiences though which undergraduate students can explore careers as science and mathematics educators, inspiring young minds.  It is housed at all nine University of California undergraduate campuses, and although each campus program has a different structure, the programs share several essential elements.  At UC San Diego, Cal Teach is a partnership between Physical Sciences and Education Studies.

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