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About Cal Teach

Think About Learning

Are you curious about how people learn science and mathematics? If so, consider UC San Diego’s Minor in Mathematics Education or Science Education. In your coursework you will explore how people think about science and math, and what students’ approaches to problems and their errors reveal.

Learn how instruction can be tailored to promote a deep understanding of the subject matter, rather than giving students a cookie-cutter approach to solving problems that they apply without truly understanding why it works.  We hope these courses will challenge you to think about your own learning from a fresh perspective.

Think About Teaching

Have you ever considered becoming a science or mathematics teacher? California is facing a critical shortfall of secondary science and mathematics teachers due to an increase in the number of students entering California high schools and an increase in the number of teachers retiring. California Teach helps address this need.

The courses in the Cal Teach Minor in Mathematics Education and Minor in Science Education and the hands-on experiences you will gain in local schools will provide you with important preparation to become an intern teacher if you enroll in a credential program after you complete your bachelor’s degree.

Think About Signing Up

The optional one-unit Freshman seminars are a great way to determine if a Minor in Math Education or Science Education might be for you. Alternatively, you may sign up for the first courses in the minor (Introduction to Teaching Math/Science), which are open to all. Prerequisites for the upper division courses (Foundations of Teaching and Learning Math/Science) may be waived on a case-by-case basis depending on your prior experience and coursework. Contact the instructor for additional information.

Sign up for one of the minors. Check out the Resources for information about the many forms of financial support available.  Future community college transfers are welcome; learn more.