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Math/Science Education Major Programs

B.A. in Mathematics-Secondary Education

This major offers excellent preparation for teaching mathematics in secondary schools. Students interested in earning a California teaching credential from UC San Diego should contact the Education Studies Program (EDS) for information regarding prerequisites and requirements. It is recommended you contact EDS as early as possible.

B.A. General Physics/Secondary Education

The general physics/secondary education major prepares students to teach physics and physical science in secondary schools. It covers essential topics in physics while providing breadth in chemistry and earth science. The major also includes three quarters of field experience in local schools, where you will work closely with a mentor teacher and high school students.

B.S. in Education Sciences

The education sciences major provides a foundation for the study of education.  If you are planning to teach at the secondary level, you must complete a double major in an approved department, which includes any science, mathematics or engineering major.

Education options for other STEM majors

STEM majors have three options: 1) Minor in Mathematics Education or Science Education; 2) Double major in Education Sciences; 3) Minor in Education Studies with single subject foundation.  All are good options, and you may chose the option that best fits your schedule and interests.