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Professor of Mathematics Amir Mohammadi is 2022 ICM Lecturer 

October 10, 2022 | By Michelle Franklin

Mohammadi-amir.JPEGThe International Congresses of Mathematicians (ICM) is one of the largest mathematical conferences in the world. Outstanding mathematicians from around the world present their best work covering all areas of mathematics. The first ICM took place in Switzerland in 1897. It is now held once every four years, thus being an invited lecturer is quite prestigious. In 2022, Professor of Mathematics Amir Mohammadi was invited to speak in the Dynamics section and Lie Theory and Generalization section of the ICM. Two other UC San Diego mathematicians also spoke at the ICM: Professor Tianyi Zheng and Associate Professor Zhouli Xu.

Mohammadi’s research interests include Lie groups (a group of symmetries where the symmetries are continuous, such as a circle, which can be rotated an arbitrary amount and still look the same) and Ergodic theory (a branch of mathematics that studies statistical properties of deterministic dynamical systems). In particular, he is interested in the interplay between dynamical systems and other areas of mathematics, such as number theory and geometry. He is the recipient of the Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship and the von Neumann Fellowship. Mohammadi received his B.Sc from Sharif University of Technology in Iran and his Ph.D. from Yale University.



Rigidity phenomena in homogeneous dynamics — where the a priori knowledge of only few symmetries of an object determines the object completely —  have been extensively studied over the past few decades with several striking results and applications. In his ICM lecture, Mohammadi gave an overview of recent activities pertaining to the quantitative aspect of the analysis in this context, as well as highlighting some applications.

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