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Mathematics Education Minor

The Mathematics Education Minor is intended for students interested in understanding how people learn mathematics. All majors are welcome, but the Calculus 20 sequence is recommended as a pre-requisite for two of the upper division courses required for the Minor.

Courses will explore people’s learning difficulties in mathematics, and develop the components of the knowledge base necessary for teaching mathematics (knowledge of the mathematics content, knowledge of how students learn the mathematics content and knowledge of how to develop curricula and assessments that promote learning).

Examples from the history of mathematics will be related to the developmental progression of students’ understanding of mathematical concepts. There will also be a focus on working with teachers and students in urban schools and exploring the needs of diverse learners, including English language learners.  Theories of teaching and learning will provide the framework that links together the course-work and experiences in the schools.

Mathematics: Secondary Education majors are encouraged to take courses in the minor, but are ineligible for the Mathematics Education Minor itself (since a major and minor in the same discipline is not permitted).

Mathematics Education Minor (34 quarter units)

The following course schedule is an example only. Students are welcome to take courses in different years/quarters. Check the Triton Link Schedule of Classes for Current Offerings.



*MATH 87: Teaching Math: The Challenge


MATH 95: Introduction to Teaching Mathematics (2)

EDS 39
: Practicum in Mathematics & Science Teaching/Learning (2)


EDS 117: Language, Culture & Education (4)

MATH 121A: Foundations of Teaching & Learning Mathematics I (4)

MATH 121B: Foundations of Teaching & Learning Mathematics II (4)


EDS 129A: Teaching & Learning (4)
EDS139: Practicum (2)

EDS 129B: Teaching & Learning (4)
EDS 139: Practicum (2)

EDS 129C: Teaching & Learning (4)
EDS 139: Practicum (2)

*Note: Teaching Mathematics: The Challenge is a Freshman Seminar for interested mathematics students and is not required for the EDS Mathematics Education Minor.