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Contributions to Diversity Statements

The Division of Physical Sciences at UC San Diego has a strong interest in ensuring that all candidates hired for faculty appointments, regardless of personal demographic characteristics, share our commitment to excellence, access and Principles of Community. All candidates applying for faculty appointments within the division are required to submit a 1-2 page Contributions to Diversity statement. The purpose of the statement is to identify candidates who have the professional skills, experience, and/or willingness to engage in activities that will advance our campus equity, diversity and inclusion goals. The statement should outline the candidate’s understanding of, past contributions to, and future plans to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion in higher education. When writing these statements, we encourage candidates to provide specific information on the motivation, duration, and impact of their outreach and mentoring activities.

Successful candidates for Excellence Through Diversity positions must have a well-articulated plan of contributing to programs that increase access and success of underrepresented students and faculty in the sciences. For these positions we especially welcome candidates who have already benefited from, contributed to, or created such programs, or served as a role model in mentoring others.

Read a detailed explanation of how these statements are evaluated.

Example statements (redacted) from current UC San Diego faculty.

The following statement from the UC Davis Chancellor and Vice Chancellor for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion provides relevant motivation and context for these statements, and explains how they fit into the overall mission and policy of the University of California.

May and Tull Defend Diversity-Contribution Statements